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A Beginner's Guide to Use e liquid Calculator and Make Diy E-juice

Nasty E-Liquid

Ever wonder how to make your DIY e-liquid? It will help us to start building your DIY vape juice and e-juice recipes!
How to make liquids and create their DIY e-liquid at home.

One of the few shortcomings of vaping is the price of e-juice. These costs can add up soon, especially if you're a fan of premium brands like Cuttwood, Suicide Bunny and Cosmic of the Mist. Moreover, often, your options are limited. If the store is out of your nicotine level, you leave empty-handed or end up with a force that cannot let you feel dizzy or unsatisfied.

There is a solution to these two problems: make your e-liquid. DIY e-juice of a rapid growth of the hobby and even an obsession for many vapers. You can make a vape juice bottle as good as any store-bought product.

What Is Diy and How to Use Our e liquid Calculator

The simplest terms of making your e-liquid, it consists of mixing the four main elements that make up the e-juice. These are PG, VG, nicotine, and flavoring. You do not necessarily have all of these, for example, if you prefer free nicotine e-liquid or you want maximum VG juice for the sub ohm vaping. There are other specialized, additives. The idea may seem overwhelming, but it is much easier than you might think. You do not need advanced chemical engineering knowledge.

What Do I Need to Make My E-liquid

Naked E-Liquid

You need the four ingredients that make up all the e-juice.
Propylene Glycol - also known as PG. If you are plus-ohm vaping, you will need a bottle of this. We recommend 500 mL or a liter to start. Make sure it is pharmaceutical grade, with no type of additives.

Vegetable glycerin - O VG for short. This will make the most of your e-juice, especially if you are sub-ohm vaping. We want to recommend the purchase of a liter of pharmaceutical grade, to begin with.

Nicotine - It is important to buy good quality nicotine. It degrades quickly when exposed to air, darkening in color and taking on a spicy flavor, so make sure your nicotine is clear. It depends on your preference with nicotine level, but a bottle of 100 mL of 72 mg / mL of nicotine should be enough for beginners. Nicotine is dissolved in a PG solution, and this will affect the PG / VG ratio of your juice. You should be careful when handling and storing nicotine. Because spilling on the skin can cause disease if it is not washed. Of course, if you prefer nicotine free vape juice, you can get out of this. Please keep your nicotine levels within reach of children.

The flavor is concentrated - These determine what your juice ultimately tastes. There are thousands of characters to choose from, which can be combined to make many unique characteristics. You can also buy unique flavors, where several flavors are pre-mixed. These are ideal for beginners, and some of the leading orange juice such as the Irregular and Evil Pink already sell their ranges as one-shot concentrates.

As well as the liquids you need from other equipment for the mixing process. There are two methods: mixing by weight and mixing by volume. We are going to see so much, but we recommend mixing by weight because it is cleaner and more precise.

  • Scales - For mixing by weight,
  • You will need a small set of electronic scales that go to 0.01 g.
  • Storage Bottles

Store your VG and PG in the individual squeezy bottles with tips nozzle to make it easier to add to the cylinders. A pair of 100 mL seasoning of the containers should be ideal. Store your nicotine in amber, dropper bottles - the amber glass helps slow nicotine degradation and the dropper allows for greater accuracy.


If you are mixing by volume, you will need a selection of needles. We advise you to get about 10 mL syringes for the PG and VG, and a lot of 1 mL syringes for the nicotine and the flavor is concentrated. You will also need some needles - we recommend 14 gauge to cope with the thicker VG easier.

E-bottles of Juice for Your First Experiments

Buy a selection of 10 mL plastic bottles to test recipes and about 50 mL bottles to make large quantities of your favorite homebrew of e-liquid. These are cheap and widely available.


Write the details before it sticks to the bottle. In time, you may find that it is more comfortable and more polished for the use of a label manufacturer such as the Dymo 160.

How Can I Make Diy Vape Juice Using e liquid Calculator

Throne E-Liquid

For beginners, it is best to start with a simple recipe or one-shot concentrate. Let's look at the search for these in more detail below. Or if you have an excellent idea for a flavor of the combination, you can jump to the right. But be sure to take detailed notes so that you can adjust future versions.

1) Recipe and Proportions for diy e liquid calculator

We will use the formula for Mustard Milk, a favorite flavor strawberry shake, created by the Reddit user and leader of DIY e-juicer Fizzmustard:

  • Strawberry (TPA) 6%
  • Vanilla bean ice cream (TPA) 6%
  • (TPA stands for Apprentice Perfumers, a great tasting manufacturer, but when you go to TPA, you want to use your products listed under the Apprentice Flavor for DIY efforts).

Now we have to decide in which PG / VG relation to its use. To make it suitable for sub-ohm vaping, Fizzmustard recommends VG / PG 70/30. You could also try max VG, or if you want a version that works in a plus-ohm tank try a more substantial proportion of PG like 50/50. If you change the VG / PG ratio, it may be necessary to adjust the amount of added flavor to achieve a similar taste.

Next, choose your nicotine level. Make a bottle of 10 mL Mustard Milk along with 6 mg of nicotine. VG / PG in a ratio of 70/3.

2) Measurements for ejuice calculator

Now we have our options to work the amounts to use. This can be tricky to do by hand, but do not worry, several online e-juice calculators do it automatically. For best results, set up an E-liquid Recipes account - it's easy to use. Other more complete e-juice calculators like EjuiceMeUp and Steam Engine are also recommended. In this way, a table is generated that shows the volume, weight, and percentage of each ingredient.

3) A Mixture of Time to Get Your Hands Dirty

First, and most importantly, put aside safe hygiene of the area in a clean room, with pets or children. Wear rubber gloves and a plastic tray in case of spillage.

In Weight - You should focus on grams, place your empty 10 mL bottle on the scales and set it to zero. Now add your flavors drip in the correct amount, in grams. Next, add nicotine using a dropper or syringe and be careful not to spill. Use your squeezy bottles to add the VG and PG. If you prefer to use needles, be sure to use a new one for each of the ingredients to avoid cross-contamination. The final weight must match the one shown in the eLR table.

By Volume - If you are mixing by volume it is a bit more complicated. Using syringes separately for each component, check the measurements on the needle to measure the mL and add 10 mL of the bottle to the vacuum. Each concentrated flavor and nicotine is required for the individual 1 mL of the syringe.

Conclusion for e juice calculator

There are several other ways to use the volume, and possibly the easiest one (although perhaps not the easiest to transmit by others to replicate or scale) is by using drops as your measurements. It goes quite well with the flavors, and if you make a small investment in vacuum plastic bottle dropper (ideally with the same size, droppers), it should suit you well. This is the least accurate of the way of measuring nicotine, so warn us against using drops to get your nice bang percentage.

Congratulations, you learn to make your first homemade DIY bottle e-juice!

Another Way to Make Your Own E-liquid Using Our Free e liquid Calculator

Vape Device

Have you been using your electronic cigarette or vaporizer for a while and are you beginning to be aware of the money you spend on liquids? Or, if this is not your case, surely you are here for having tasted different aromas that do not quite convince you. To solve both problems, today we will teach you how to make your own liquids to vape from your home following a few simple guidelines. You will see how easy!

What Is Alchemy

Just what we intend to teach you today. Alchemy refers to the technique of mixing different components to create a liquid that can be used in your atomizer. But in your own house! You just have to combine the ingredients in their right measure and let the result macerate the necessary time.

In this way, users have much more control. Not only on the aromas to be used (you can obtain unique aromas by combining different aromas). Also on nicotine levels or the PG / VG ratio (propylene glycol and vegetable glycerin) of the recipes for vaping liquids.

How to Make the Liquid for Your Electronic Cigarette Using Our e liquid Calculator

PG / VG base:

First of all, it is important that you check that glycerin has USP certification, that is, it has a pharmaceutical grade. When you make sure of it, you can mix it with propylene glycol in any of the proportions that are usually used: 50-50, 60-40, 70-30, 20-80 and 30-70. Depending on your tastes, you can choose one or the other.

You should keep in mind that the higher the percentage of glycerin in the mixture, the steam will be more dense and abundant, but with less flavor, knowing this you can counteract that lack of flavor by increasing the percentages of aromas. Also, if you carry too much, the liquid may become too dense. And so in certain atomizers do not drain well, flavor burned and even burn our resistances. And this will lead to a bad taste of steam. On the other hand, it should be borne in mind that the more propylene glycol the mixture contains, even if the amount of steam is lower, the taste will be more potent and you will get a bigger throat hit.

If you are starting with alchemy, we advise you to try using 50% PG and 50% VG in principle. From there you can see the type of steam that best suits your tastes.


There are many users who, by switching to the electronic cigarette or the vaporizer to quit traditional tobacco, learn how to make liquids with nicotine so as not to suffer the unwanted withdrawal syndrome. Depending on the amount of cigarettes the person smoked before switching to the electronic cigarette, the amount of nicotine to be included in their mixtures will be one or the other.

  • If you smoked about 10 or 20 cigarettes a day: the amount of nicotine should be around 3 mg / ml. In case you see that you still want to return to the traditional cigar, you can upload it to 6 mg / ml.
  •  If you smoked 20 cigarettes a day or more: most of the people who smoked a daily packet are quite satiated with only 6 mg / ml of nicotine. But if you notice it insufficient (what will happen to you if you smoked very strong brands), you can go up to 9 or even 12 mg / ml (in very few cases you reach this last level). We recommend starting at 6mg / ml if you are a smoker of 20 cigarettes or more. And according to your own experience, you raise or lower the nicotine level of your liquids.

Keep in mind that the type of mod and atomizer you use also influences. Since the throat hit may vary depending on the resistance of your atomizer. This helps you feel satiated in this aspect.


About tastes there is nothing written. There are thousands of different aromas to choose from according to your preferences. In addition, you have the possibility to combine 2 different and create a completely unique aroma that suits you 100%.

One of the most important aspects about aromas is that they must always be water soluble. Also, remember that the aroma concentration in the mixture must contain the percentages that manufacturers recommend. Then vary it in greater or lesser amounts as you try and adapt it to your liking.

Molecules and Enhancers:

Within the world of alchemy there are types of molecules and enhancers that will serve, as its name says, to enhance certain flavors and nuances of your liquid. Thus helping you to have a more rounded flavor and therefore more to the consumer's liking. It must be said that these molecules or enhancers are very strong. So one or two drops are recommended for every 10ml of liquid already mixed.

Let's see some types of molecules that are on the market and what they are used for:

  • Sour: this molecule accentuates the acidity of your liquids and is recommended in fruity aromas.
  • Sweetener: this molecule enhances the sweet taste of your liquids and is recommended in dessert aromas.
  • Smooth: with this molecule the highest notes of its mixture are softened while increasing its base notes.
  • Malted Milk: This molecule is basically sweetening the mixture, it is ideal for mixtures that add absolute tobacco to counteract the bitterness they can provide. In fruit trees, it provides a taste and texture similar to that of a cream or ice cream.
  • Cooling or koolada: enhances the freshness of your liquids without altering the taste.
  • Acetyl Pyrazine / Acetyl pyrazine: enhances the touch of nuts, recommended for use in mixtures of aromas of nuts and tobacco.

These are just a few examples of the types of molecules on the market that can be used to create your liquids and give them a more personal touch.

Remember that these molecules are usually added a few days before the liquid is fully macerated and ready for consumption. Since with the passage of time and due to its strong concentration, in some cases it can cover certain aromatic flavors.

Steeping Time

You have already created your liquid, perfect. Now you must label the preparation and let it rest for a few days, what we call maceration time. There are aromas of almost immediate maceration but the average is that it takes about 5-10 days that in some cases it can take a month or a month and a half for all the ingredients to mix well. If you want to speed up the process, shake it vigorously two or three times a day.

Recommended guidelines with the mixture:

  • Avoid contact with sunlight or sources of heat and air conditioners.
  • Use glass containers over plastic ones.
  • Keep away from children and / or pets.

And that's it! After this maceration time, your liquid will be ready for you to vape in your relaxing moments. If you lack any ingredient to prepare it, remember that in the Sapporet online store you will find everything you need. And enjoy the vaping!

How Many Mg to Use and How to Use the e liquid Calculator

possui milhares cigar of toxic substances, in addition to responsible chemical chemical hair and nicotine. Because of being a person responsible for vitiating você, it is hardly natural to imagine that she also indicates responsibility for the bad hairs of the cigar, but it is longevity to be true and to know that she is not the one who painted for me and it is very important to understand that you can He consumed his favor and provided life with a smaller cliff.

Browse no market vaping and you can find two types of nicotine: Freebase and Nicsalt. Elas tem muitas diferenças each other, then we will see how to continue to be or what it is necessary to know about each one of them so that you will understand what is most suitable for you.

What Is Nicotine

Nicotine is a substance used by some plant species to defend themselves from herbivores, basically it is a plant defense mechanism not to be eaten. That is why one of the uses of nicotine is to be pesticide. It was named after the Nicotiana tabacum plant, which was named after the Frenchman Jean Nicot de Villemain who sent the first seeds to Paris in 1560.

Nicotine not only exists in the tobacco plant, but is found in vegetables such as potatoes, tomatoes, cauliflower and broccoli. In eggplants the nicotine level is relatively high compared to other types of food, with every 10 grams nicotine equivalent to 3 hours of passive smoking. It sounds like a lot, but to put it in perspective, to have the nicotine equivalent of 1 cigarette you would need to eat 10kg of eggplant.

Nicotine is a substance that creates great dependence and for this reason has been used in cigarettes to increase its consumption. It causes two-phase reactions, in low amounts creates a stimulating psychotropic reaction and in larger amounts acts as a relaxant.

By consuming nicotine the body's reactions are many and the brain quickly gets used to the substance, waiting for it, acting on the central nervous system, especially in the brain's nicotic system, and also through the sympathetic system.

When you run out of substance, the smoker becomes in a state of "I'm feeling bad" when in fact you would not have been if you had not created a substance addiction. This is the main reason why a smoker thinks he likes to smoke when in fact he creates a dependence in which his normal state is perceived as bad and to reach normality nicotine needs to be received.

When someone tries to stop smoking, in addition to feeling miserable, the body goes into abstinence and reacts in severe ways, causing discomfort, irritability, mood swings and other consequences.

Does Nicotine Hurt

For the first time in human history it is possible to consume nicotine on a large scale without the substance being linked to a mechanism of delivery as harmful as cigarettes, so health issues regarding nicotine when isolated still need further study but You know a lot because of oral tobacco.

Because electronic cigarettes are relatively new to allow for long-term research, which usually lasts 30 years or more, we turn our attention to SNUS, a nicotine-delivery oral tobacco that gradually dates back to the 1820s. and its production revenue remains virtually unchanged nearly 200 years after its inception. This product already has long-term studies, mainly related to nicotine absorption, since there are no other compounds in SNUS that can pose a risk to users as in conventional cigarettes.

The medical consensus is that nicotine offers few health risks, and its addictive effect is a major concern, especially for young people. There is only a slight increased risk of heart problems compared to nicotine-free people and compared to smokers, the risk of cardiovascular problems is much lower. The risk of cancer is minimal.

Nicotine and Vaping

The way nicotine is used and consumed in steam is quite different from conventional cigarettes.

Unfortunately the lack of regulation and especially research in the area creates a big unknown regarding the nicotine dose that should be used in electronic cigarettes, because there is a big personal and adaptation factor of each organism, aggravated by the fact that we have different types of devices. , with completely different potencies and settings that modify the experience and can make the sensation of vapor positive or negative, which potentially means keeping the person away from cigarettes or continuing or returning to smoking.

To complicate matters further, we have to choose between two types of nicotine whose properties are completely different and need not only different concentrations but also to be used in specific types of devices.

As if that were not enough, these different types of nicotine can be mixed, used in the most diverse concentrations and there is no health professional able to answer which dose is best for you.

Even with all the information in this article, the truth is that the type, amount and method of nicotine consumption will be your personal choice and some trial and error will be involved, so if at first you don't adapt to vaping, try different combinations. until you find something that satisfies you.

Types of Nicotine

Naming the oxen is Nicotine Freebase and Nicsalt. We need to understand some of their history and role in the cigarette industry to know where they came from and their differences when used in steam.

Until the 1960s nicotine was consumed in its most natural form, which is Nicsalt. It is the nicotine that is in nature, directly on the tobacco leaf. The problem is that it is not very well absorbed by the body.

It was then that Philip Morris was able to develop a method to increase the potency of nicotine in his Marlboro without increasing the dose, as by that time there were already limits on the maximum amount of nicotine in cigarettes. Using a process with ammonia she was able to turn this nicotine salts into a much more concentrated form by creating nicotine Freebase. This is the widely consumed nicotine to this day.

Moving on to vaping, the nicotine consumed is in its isolated form so its absorption is much lower. Remember that most of the substances in the cigarette are there to make nicotine stronger, to be absorbed faster and clearer, to addict faster and faster. Since we don't have any of this in steam, it turns out to be much smoother, which is good on the one hand, but bad on the other because the wrong dose may not be enough and the person will return to smoking.

This is the first challenge to understand and define the nicotine percentage that should be used by each person. Apart from the personal factor of each body, you simply can't compare the nicotine percentage of your cigarette pack and carry it to steam, that's not how it works.

Nicotine Freebase

Until recently, Freebase nicotine was the only type used in electronic cigarette liquids as the industry had abandoned Nicsalt after the discovery of Freebase.

It is a nicotine that can be easily transformed into steam and has great absorption by the body, but often insufficient for some people, as remember that cigarettes deliver much more nicotine and much faster. This produces what I call the “bottle effect” in which a person uses their device all the time to try to match the amount of nicotine they get from cigarettes.

One solution to this would be to increase the dose, but Nicotine Freebase quickly becomes unpalatable, producing a scratching in the throat that becomes unbearable when used in more powerful braces. Even on simpler or low power and low flow devices, levels above 10mg are already considered too strong by most people.

Nicotine Nic Salt

Identifying a gap in the market, one company developed a new method that allowed Nicsalt to be rescued by adapting the substance to the vaporizers.

Until then, Nicsalt in its natural state was not easily vaporized and had low absorption by the body. This has all been resolved by the development of a technique that uses Benzoic Acid and makes Nicsalt not only vaporizable but also more easily absorbable by the body.

This has created a whole new market for products developed exclusively for the consumption of this nicotine. The main company to exploit this market was Juul, today a billionaire after snapping up over 70% of the US e-cigarette market.

The new handsets have been dubbed “pods”, much more portable and low power, allowing the use of Nicsalt in concentrations of 20mg to 50mg. It may sound like a lot, but its absorbency and smoothness make these levels ideal for consumption and a much closer experience to cigarettes when used in these appliances.

This allowed the smoker to use a pod in the same way that he consumed a cigarette: to feel the need to smoke just take a few puffs and then receive a good dose of nicotine and then return to take care of his life.

Concerns With Addiction

It is too early to conclude anything about the absorption, effects and consequences of nicotine consumption through electronic cigarettes because it is the first time in history that we can consume the substance without being tied to cigarettes and we have no long term studies yet, when we consider 30 years or more.

But we already have some interesting lines of thought, as some studies advocate the use of nicotine by society in the same way as caffeine, such as Dr. Caitlin Notley, speaker of the last Global Forum on Nicotine, an event that Vapor Aqui could attend. and that among other contents generated the article Nicotina for fun.

But not all is positive and a good example is what has happened to pod style devices in the US. There is an epidemic of consumption of these products in schools by children and adolescents. The situation is so worrying that the US Government has already stated that several sanctions will apply if Juul, the largest manufacturer valued at more than $ 15 billion, is unable to prevent young people from gaining access to its products.

Although this is a matter of concern, it must be borne in mind how many filters must be bypassed for a child to have continuous access to one of these products: parents fail to educate the child, school fails to prevent use in their facilities, Government in conscious use policies and fails the seller of the product not to market only to the adult public.

As a result, this raises even more concern about how addictive the new nicotine can be.

Until then we only had nicotine Freebase which is not very efficient when it enters the body and reaches the brain, which in a way is positive because despite creating a certain frequency of use of the devices, it was still a relative decrease in absorption. of nicotine throughout the body compared to cigarettes. Because it became unpalatable at high concentrations, it eventually served as a control mechanism against high-dose consumption, forcing the body to accept and become accustomed to a lower nicotine absorption that the smoker was used to.

With Nicsalt this does not happen, absorption is similar to conventional cigarettes and there are concerns that smokers are effectively addicting on an equal or larger scale when there are no cases of social or sporadic smokers switching to pods and becoming much more. addicted to cigarettes.

In social media, there are already reports of people telling how they began to feel “cracked” or “keen to use the gadgets” just as they did when they smoked, but not when using nicotine-based gadgets Freebase.

Without specific studies we end up with no concrete information and therefore Vapor Aqui, always based on the premise of risk reduction, warns the subject and calls for caution to those who wish to quit using pods. When we are asked, we answer that the ideal is to start with a start-up device and liquid free nicotine consumption. If this method does not work, then we suggest the pod as an alternative, using Nicsalt.

Differences Between Apparatus

We need to stop the nicotine issue and make parentheses. Depending on the type of device used and the overall configuration of both the device and atomizer things can change dramatically.

To ensure a better understanding you need to have a deeper understanding of the types of appliances that exist, how they work, the difference between atomizer models, types, styles and number of coils and other factors, which can end up being too complicated for you. who wants to know just how much nicotine to use.

But if you want to know more, we have several articles you can read and then come back here and read on:

But to sum up, the overall experience, from scratching the throat to the amount of nicotine consumed and actually absorbed, changes according to the device you are using and the way it is set up.

Apparatus with coil atomizers will differ from atomizers with more complex resistances, with two or more coils, as logically there will be greater liquid vaporization and consequently more absorbed nicotine.

Higher power or temperatures will also contribute to higher consumption. On the other hand, simpler devices without adjustments or even devices configured with lower power or temperature will turn less liquid into steam and consumption will be lower.

Therefore the choice of nicotine concentration is also closely linked to the type of device used and how it is configured and not just the chosen liquid.

Indicated Doses of Nicotine

The doses we are going to indicate are only suggestions because there is no direct relationship between cigarette consumption and the consumption of liquids of a particular type or nicotine concentration. As we have said, much of this is trial and error, but it is possible to indicate values ​​that have a lower chance of error or that are at least closer to the ideal that you will eventually adopt.

As we have two nicotine forms on the market that should be used in different handset models let's split the suggestions between nicotine Freebase and nicotine Nicsalt.

Although it is possible to mix both for a mixed result, in the market this type of solution is rarely found, so let's limit ourselves to what we can find out there. If you decide to make your own liquids, you can experiment by trying to find a result that suits you.

The first and best tip we can give is: start from the bottom and go up. If you think you will need to consume 6mg, try 3mg or 4mg first. Needing, increase.

The second best tip is: when in doubt, since the goal is to stop smoking and for that no investment is small, buy the same liquid with a larger amount of nicotine and another unit without nicotine, such as 6mg and 0mg. This way you can mix them and get different concentrations until you find the one that suits you best